PHS staff, families, and community members will partner to cultivate successful 21st Century learners through the integration of innovative technology, resources, and differentiated instruction

  • PHE STEM Fair

    Perry Harrison Hosts Elementary STEM Fair

  • PHS Self-Portrait Mural

    Students in Ms. Ritz's art class each created a self portrait in a different color of the rainbow. Thanks to Ms. Ritz for taking her Friday night to create a beautiful representation of our diverse students.

  • Celebrating Global Diversity!

    Ms. Wallace, our ESL teacher, celebrates diversity in many ways in her classroom and with her students.

  • Bus Driver of the Year

    Ms. Kim Vickers was recognized by Mr. Caviness (left) and Mr. Blice (right) as the 2013-2014 Bus Driver of the Year for the Perry Harrison School.

  • Teacher of the Year

    Please join us in congratulating Donna Stevenson, Reading Specialist, on her selection as Perry Harrison's TEACHER of the YEAR.

  • Teacher Assistant of the Year

    Congratulations to Vicky Partin, our Teacher Assistant of the Year.

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

    Many thanks to all of those responsible for the wonderful Teacher Appreciation Lunch, held on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

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Upcoming Events
- Scholastic Book Fair
7:45 AM - 3:00 PM
- Scholastic Book Fair
7:45 AM - 3:00 PM
- Scholastic Book Fair
7:45 AM - 3:00 PM
- Scholastic Book Fair
7:45 AM - 3:00 PM
School Announcements
Meet Our New Teachers!
Matthew Claar - Fifth Grade Teacher

Welcome Mariners! I am new to North Carolina, having just moved to the Chapel Hill area from a small town in Pennsylvania. I received my bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. During my undergraduate work, I was fortunate enough to qualify for a study abroad experience in New Zealand. It was refreshing to experience firsthand, a very unique education system that enriched my personal teaching philosophy. After graduating, I began working for a nonprofit agency in Pennsylvania, providing a myriad of different services from prevention/life skills programs, substituting within multiple districts and facilitating after school and summer camp programs for underprivileged youth. 
Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” This quote embodies my desire to making learning a relevant and enriching tool, uniquely tailored to the interests of each student. Learning should not be something that feels insignificant, but a useful tool that opens up students’ minds to the world of lifelong learning. I am very excited for the upcoming school year!
Feel free to contact me by phone at (919)-967-9925 or at mclaar@chatham.k12.nc.us
Maura McKeon – Kindergarten Teacher

Maura McKeon is originally from New Jersey, but has enjoyed making North Carolina her new home over the last three years.  She graduated from New Jersey City University and received her teaching certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, as well as a Bachelor’s in Psychology.  After graduating, she became a member of an Americorps program that specialized in improving Education here in North Carolina.  Since then, she has taught in the preschool level and worked as an assistant teacher in Kindergarten at Perry Harrison last year.  She is very excited to be at Perry Harrison and is looking forward to a fun new year!
Taylor Scannell – Second Grade Teacher

Taylor Scannell recently moved from Florida to teach in North Carolina Schools.  She graduated from Florida Atlantic University in December of 2012 and received her professional teaching certificate in Elementary Education K-6. After graduating, she was fortunate enough to become a permanent substitute in first grade. Once the school year ended, she was asked to return as a second grade teacher. Since then, she was offered a second grade position at Perry Harrison School. She is excited to make memories at the best school in Chatham County. Go Mariners!
Emily Langdon – First Grade Teacher

I am Emily Langdon and am going into my 9th year of teaching. I was born and raised in Knightdale, NC. I attended East Carolina University where I graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2006. I began teaching Kindergarten in 2006 while attending graduate school at ECU part time. I completed my Masters degree in Elementary Education in 2009. I received my National Board Certification in 2010. I taught Kindergarten for 5 years at Wintergreen Primary in Greenville, NC and then moved to Wilmington, NC where I taught Kindergarten for 2 years and Second grade for 1 year at Pine Valley. I have recently moved to Pittsboro, NC to be closer to family and am looking forward to continuing my teaching career at Perry Harrison. I enjoy reading, waking/running with my dog, kayaking, biking, and an afternoon on the lake. 
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School Tours Available
Tours of Perry Harrison School are available on the first and third Thursday of each month at 8:30 am beginning in October.  To schedule a tour, please call or email our school counselor, Ms. Leann Munoz, to arrange a time. 
  • phone number: 919.967.9925 ext. 35240
  • email: lmunoz@chatham.k12.nc.us
Bus 182 - Adjusted PM stop times
This morning we received updated stop times from the district’s Transportation Department for several stops on Bus 182’s route. An e-mail was sent to parents of students that ride Bus 182 with the adjusted stop times. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact the school if you need to verify the updated stop time. If your child is in grade K-3, please be ready for the bus approximately 10 minutes ahead of the estimated stop time in case the bus is running early. Thank you for bearing with us as bus routes settle during the first weeks of school. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this week arising from issues with stop times.
Volunteering - Important Information
We are so thankful to the many people that express interest in volunteering in our school!

As a reminder, go to the "Parents" tab on the website, then go down to "Volunteers Needed" to fill out the application. Remember that the process is now entirely online. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the school so that we can assist you in completing the process.

If you anticipate chaperoning a field trip for your child at any point this year, please complete the application as soon as possibile, as the turnaround time for approval of some applications may take longer than others. This is something that neither the school nor the district have control over. As soon as you receive the approval email, please let you child's teacher know.

Thanks again!
Supply Lists for all Grades!

Perry W. Harrison Elementary School Supply List Kindergarten

·       Headphones, On Ear

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Purple Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Pencils, Colored, 7” Sharpened, 12/Set

·       Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/Set

·       Crayons, Crayola,  Tuck Box, 24/Box

·       10 Glue Stick, Washable White, 26.oz

·       Pencil Case, Fabric, 3-w/Grommets, 10”x6

·       Scissors, “For Kids” 5” Blunt Tip, Asst. Latex Free

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Black, Wide 100 Sheets

Perry W. Harrison Elementary School 1st Grade Supply List

·       Pencil Case, Fabric,  3-Hole w/Grommets,  10’x6’

·       Headphones

·       Pencil, ‘My 1st Ticonderoga’ w/Eraser, 13/32’

·       Eraser, Pink, Large, Latex Free

·       Glue Stick, Staples Brand, Washable, White, .26 oz.

·       Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Yellow, w/Pkt Clip

·       Crayons, Crayola, Tuck Box, 24/Box

·       Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/Set

·       Folder, Plastic, 2 Pocket, w/3 Prongs, Asst.

·       Pencil Box, Plastic 8.25” x 5.25” x 2” Asst.

·       Scissors  5”, Blunt Tip Asst. Latex Free

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Green, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Blue, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Red, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Black, Wide 100 Sheets

Perry W. Harrison Elementary School 2nd Grade Supply List

·       Folders, 2 Pocket, 5pk, Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Purple

·       Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/Set

·       Crayons, Crayola, Tuck Box, 24/Box

·       Headphones

·       Pencil Case, 3-Hole, 10” x 7”, Mesh Front. Asst.

·       Pencils, #2, Unsharpened, All Wood, Dozen

·       Eraser, Pink, Large, Latex Free

·       Scissors, 5”Blunt Tip, Asst.

·       Pencils, Colored, 7” Sharpened, 12 Assorted Colors

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Black, Wide, 100

·       Binder, Heavy Duty, Round Ring, View 1.5” Letter Size, White

·       4 Glue Stick, Washable, White, .26oz

Perry W. Harrison Elementary School 3rd Supply List

·       Folder, Plastic, 2 Pocket, Purple

·       Folder, Plastic, 2 Pocket, Blue

·       Folder, Plastic, 2 Pocket, Green

·       Folder,  Plastic, 2 Pocket, Red

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Purple, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Blue, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover, Green, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Composition Book, Marble Cover,Red, Wide, 100 Sheets

·       Filler Paper, Wide Rule, 10.5” x 8”, 120/Pk

·       Pencils, #2 Unsharpened,  All Wood, Dozen

·       Pencils, Colored, 7” Sharpened, 12 Assorted Colors

·       Crayons, Crayola, Tuck Box, 24/Box

·       Markers, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/Set

·       Pencil Box, Plastic, 8.25” x 5.25” x 2, Asst.

·       8 Glue Stick, Washable, White, .26 oz

·       Scissors, 5” Pointed Tip, Asst.

·       Storage Bags, Economy Zip, Qrt. 25 or Gallon 15

Perry W Harrison Elementary School 4th Grade Supply List

·       Flash Drive, USB, 4 GB, Side Design

·       Filler Paper, Wide Rule, 10.5” x 8”, 120/Pk

·       Pencils, Colored 7” Sharpened, 24 Assorted Colors

·       2 Glue Sticks, Washable, White, .26 oz

·       Pencil Case, Fabric, 3- Hole w/Grommets, 10” x 6”

·       Pencils, #2 Unsharpened, All Wood, Dozen

·       Markers, Dry Erase, Chisel, Low Odor, Asst. 4/Pk

·       Headphones

Perry W Harrison Elementary School  5th Grade Supply List

  • Headphones or earbuds – to be kept at school
  • 1 – Binder, 3 ring, 2 inch
  • 1 pk – Dividers, 3 ring, 8 Tab with 2 pockets, Big tab, plastic
  • 6 – Composition Book, Marble Cover,
  • 6 pk - Stick on Notes 3x3 **
  • 1 pair – Scissors, 5 inch **
  • 6 pk – #2 Pencils, dozen **
  • 2 pk – Filer Paper, Wide Rule **
  • 1 pk – Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors **
  • 6 – Glue Sticks **


** These items will be collected and stored in child’s homeroom class.


It can be helpful to have the following items donated during the school year for classroom use.   


Expo Markers


Construction paper 8x11 & 12x18